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Below are some of the questions patients most frequently asked about dentistry and oral health issues. If you have any other questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, we would love to hear from you.


Q: How do you know if I am a candidate? 
A: The doctor will determine if you are a candidate through a comprehensive oral evaluation and xrays, although sometimes it is necessary to have a 3-D denta-scan taken to determine if you have enough bone, if this is necessary an appointment will be scheduled with our Scan unit. Our office will have access to your scan with 24 hours and will then discuss the results with you.

Q: What if I am not a candidate? 
A: If you are not a candidate our doctor will go over all other options with you for your individual case.

Q: How much will this cost? 
A: In our experience each patient is unique: To give you an accurate fee our doctors will need to examine you to see your specific needs and to determine if you are a candidate for our implant based solution.

Q: What if I am not sure if I can afford treatment? 
A: Our office has financing available for your convenience which includes interest free financing which we will discuss once costs are determined. We understand that there is a concern regarding the cost involved with implants, but Implants are an investment, just like a home or a car except with implants you are investing in a better quality of life that will allow you to enjoy the foods you once loved and regain your smile and confidence. We truly believe that Implant Dentistry is Life Changing!

Q: My friend had implants and they didn’t work and I heard there is discomfort involved. 
A: I understand that there is some fear involved with implants, but we can tell you that there is a 98% success rate worldwide and implants have been around for over 35 years, invented for people who could not tolerate wearing a denture. There is always healing time involved with any dental procedure and we go to great lengths to reduce any chance of discomfort
during and after each procedure. Dr. Di Cesare has been placing implants for over 20 years and his highest priority is the comfort of each patient.

Q: How does the “Aspire Denture Solution” compare to other teeth replacement methods in regards to function? 
A: A denture is like a bicycle, it can get you there but it is slow and can be uncomfortable

Patient satisfaction
• No teeth: 0% 
• Full dentures: 18% function 
• Removable denture on two implants: 40% function 
• Removable denture on fixed implant bar: 70% function 
• Aspire Denture Solution: 90% function 
• Natural teeth: 100%

Q: What are the benefits of the Aspire Denture Solution? 
A: It is a much faster treatment because it normally does not involve bone grafting. The results are immediate and less expensive compared to implant supported crown and bridge. It also has long-term scientific clinical validation.

Q: How long does the Aspire – Implant Dentistry Center Denture Solution last? 
A: Our intention is always for it to last a lifetime! Like anything mechanical select parts can wear out, but the Aspire Denture Solution offers great flexibility that other options do not.