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Why Dental Wax Should Always Be In Your Medicine Cabinet

Posted on 6/25/2017 by Anthony M. DiCesare
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Do you have dental wax somewhere in your medicine cabinet? If not, then you should go out and get some. It is a very good thing to have on hand.

Even if you are not going through any active dental issues or braces, you should still keep some around, just in case. It can be a great little tool should anything happen to your teeth, a filling, or even to your cheek from an accident.

What Dental Wax is Good For

Say, for example, you have a filling come out. This can be a painful process since it may expose the nerve of your tooth. Instead of suffering from tooth pain until you can get in and get it refilled, put a little bit of dental wax in the cavity for the time being. It allows your tooth to stay protected, and keeps you from miserable pain.

If one of your teeth cracks, you can put dental wax over the jagged edge and protect your mouth. A cracked or broken tooth is incredibly sharp and can do immense amounts of damage to the tissues inside your mouth if left exposed. Covering this surface can protect your mouth, and keep you safe until you can get seen by your dentist.

Dental wax is also something you should bring with if you travel a lot. It can come in really handy with any minor issue that you have with your teeth. It is an inexpensive way of protecting your mouth, so make sure you keep it in your travel bag.

Just do yourself a favor and store the package in a plastic baggie. That way, should your travel bag get warm, you don't have wax covering everything you packed to travel with when you get your destination.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about dental wax's effect on your smile.
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