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Getting Enough Calcium When Lactose Intolerant

Posted on 2/17/2017 by Anthony M. DiCesare
A salmon fillet loaded with calcium.
It can be really hard to get enough calcium into your diet when you face lactose intolerance. Most of the food that people eat that contains calcium comes from dairy.

If you suffer from this particular ailment, it is best to know what you can do to improve how much calcium you get. That way, you are not suffering from problems in your body or in your mouth that come from a lack of calcium.

Foods That Provide a Lot of Calcium

One of the biggest and best options when you need calcium is green vegetables, preferably those with wide green leaves. You want those because they provide huge health benefits to your body, especially your mouth.

Greens are great for your teeth, as they basically brush them as you chew. You still need to brush afterwards, but they are a good assistant to have alongside your toothbrush. Kale, spinach, and seaweed are great things to add into your diet when you need extra calcium.

Fish is often a great source of calcium, too. Canned fish, like salmon and the more popular, tuna, are good sources of calcium, and they can easily be added into foods like salads and one-pot dinners.

Nuts can also be a great source of calcium, and they make a very healthy snack. Pick nuts that you like, and chew them up very well, as the chewing process helps your teeth and gums stay healthy as you chew. Almonds, pecans, and even walnuts are good for this type of benefit.

Foods that contain calcium are abundant, even when you are unable to eat dairy foods. Contact our office and have them look and see if your teeth are showing any signs of a lack of calcium. That way, you know how much of it to consume!

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