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Strange Dental Floss Flavors

Posted on 12/27/2016 by Anthony M. DiCesare
A man happily flossing his teeth.
If you had access to dental floss in different flavors, would you be more apt to use it properly? If so, then you are in luck. There are a lot more options for people wanting to use dental floss than just cinnamon, unflavored, and mint.

Here are some flavors of dental floss that are actually on the market. Which of them would make you more likely to use floss everyday?

Flavors of Dental Floss to Choose From

If flossing your teeth, left them tasting like you just ate a cupcake, would you floss more often? That's what some floss manufacturers are hoping for. They made a sweet waxed floss that tastes like cupcakes to help you feel like you just ate dessert.

Perhaps you would prefer to go a little lighter, then maybe banana flavored floss is a better option. Feel like a monkey by flossing your teeth with a banana! Do you like more savory flavors? Then try bacon flavored dental floss. Everything is better with bacon, isn't it?

If sour is your favorite flavor, then you are still in luck. You can get pickle flavored dental floss, too. It gives you a garlic, dill, and brine aftertaste. Yummy!

Breakfast cravings can also be satisfied if you are on the go with breakfast floss. This package comes with multiple flavors of floss in the same package, so you can pick from waffle flavor, the aforementioned bacon flavor, or even coffee flavored dental floss!

So, there you have it. Pick a flavor of dental floss that sounds appealing to you. Then, you can not only floss more thoroughly, but you can also be left with a mouthful of a flavor that makes you happy. Contact our office and see if he or she has ever heard of these varieties of dental floss, and if so, which they think sounds good!

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