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Sports Drinks Need to Be Carefully Consumed

Posted on 10/20/2016 by Anthony M. DiCesare
A sports drink bottle full of sugar.
Most people think that drinking soda is one of the worst things that you can do in terms of harming your teeth, but they would be wrong. There was a study done in recent years that showed the effects of soaking teeth in different liquids for over 24 hours. Sodas definitely caused a lot of harm, but sports drinks caused far more damage than anyone thought they would.

Sports Drinks Have a Time and a Place

Sports drinks were created for people who were working out harder than the rest of us. They were meant to help hydrate elite athletes at the top of their game instead of them only relying on water. They were losing necessary vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

The sports drink was meant to be the way that those items could be put back into the body quickly so that the athlete could go back to their game.

Now, sports drinks are consumed by anyone that is, or plans to start, breaking a sweat. If you are not working out in some way, or incredibly physically active, then you likely do not need to be consuming sports drinks. They are incredibly high in acid, and immediately begin to erode your tooth's enamel upon contact. If you are doing something where this type of beverage is called for, then make sure you drink it as rarely as possible to help protect your teeth.

Remember, if you are working out, water is your friend. It helps to keep your teeth healthy, white, and strong. If you must drink sports drinks, then consume them quickly so that you can rinse your mouth out immediately following you finishing the sports drink. That way, your teeth have less exposure to the acidic levels that flow into your mouth with each sip of that sports drink.

Please contact us if you have any questions about how sports drinks affect your oral health.
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