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What Problems Can Your General Dentist Treat?

Posted on 4/17/2016 by Anthony M. DiCesare
An elderly woman receiving a root canal.You know that it is important to see your general dentist every six months for checkups, but who should you contact when you experience a problem? Should you call your normal dentist or do you need to set up an appointment with a specialist?

Preventative care is the primary service that your general dentist will offer. Protecting your oral health and helping you to avoid some common problems is the major concern of your dentist, as a little work ahead of time will go a long way in regards to improving your oral health.

However, your general dentist can do a lot more than just helping to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Our general dentistry practice can assist you with a variety of common ailments, including:

•  Cavities. Do you have a toothache? If you are suffering from a cavity or decay, your general dentist can fill it for you.
•  Root canals. Some decay is so severe that a simple cavity can't correct it, so your general dentist may need to perform a root canal.
•  Cracked or chipped teeth. General dentists can repair damaged teeth through bonding and other treatments.
•  Missing teeth. Your general dentist can consult with you about treatment options for missing teeth, and you can be referred out to a specialist if needed.
•  Gum disease. Your dentist will look for signs of gum disease during your regular evaluations, and they can recommend treatments and preventative measures.
•  Snoring. If you are snoring chronically, your general dentist may have recommendations on dental appliances that can help.

If you notice any of the above problems, or if you are experiencing a different dental issue for which you are looking for advice, contact us today to set up your consultation. In the event that you need to see a specialist, we can refer you to the proper place.
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