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Why Are Your Teeth So Yellow?

Posted on 12/27/2015 by Anthony M. DiCesare
A before and after picture of a patients teeth after a teeth whitening treatment.Do you feel embarrassed to smile in social gatherings because your teeth are so yellow? Are you considering teeth whitening in order to improve the color and appearance of your smile? Teeth whitening is definitely a great option for turning a yellowed and dingy smile into a mouthful of pearly whites, but it is also important that you figure out exactly what the cause your discoloration is.

Teeth whitening isn't a permanent solution, so after your teeth have been whitened, you'll need to make changes to your life so that they do not quickly become yellow again.

You're Just Getting Older
Yellowing teeth are a natural part of the aging process. As you age, the external tooth enamel layer will start to erode away. This will expose more of the dentin, which is naturally yellow in color.

Poor Oral Hygiene

If you aren't making oral hygiene a priority in your life, you shouldn't be surprised by the yellow color. Stains on the teeth are quite stubborn and won't be brushed away a regular toothbrush. You'll need professional whitening to get your formerly white smile back.

You're Eating and Drinking the Wrong Things

Certain foods and beverages cause the teeth to get darker. Coffee, red wine, and dressings like balsamic vinegar are especially hard on the teeth. Artificial food dyes can also cause the teeth to stain, so you should avoid these foods in the future.

Blame Your Family
Some people with yellow teeth blame their oral hygiene and stains, but in actuality, they may just be genetically programmed to have a yellow tinge. The teeth aren't cared for poorly or stained, that is just the color. Teeth whitening or porcelain veneers are good options for making them appear whiter.

If you are interested in a whiter smile, contact our office to discuss teeth whitening options.
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