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Is Nitrous Oxide Safe for Kids?

Posted on 10/15/2015 by Anthony M. DiCesare
A young girl about to receive nitrous oxide for her dental treatment.Nitrous oxide may also be referred to as laughing gas, and it can be used to relax children throughout a variety of dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide can be useful in helping a child to receive treatment like a filling in a safe and comfortable manner, and for children who suffer from dental anxiety, it can make even a routine dental appointment more bearable.

If you are concerned about the safety associated with your child using nitrous oxide, you'll be happy to know that this sedation method is 100% safe for children. It will be eliminated from the body almost as soon as the gas is turned off. Your child will stay awake throughout the entire procedure and will be able to interact with his dentist and hygienist. After treatment, your child may receive oxygen for a few minutes for the purpose of flushing any remaining gas out of his body.

How It Works
Nitrous oxide is a combination of oxygen and nitrogen, and it will be administered to your child via a fitted facial mask that is placed on his nose. The mask will deliver the gas into your child's system effectively, and throughout the process, your child will experience a sweet smell that will help to make him feel more relaxed.

Nitrous oxide works by raising the threshold of pain, making your child feel more comfortable throughout the procedure. It can also make your child feel as though time has gone by much faster than normal, so the procedure will feel like it is over in no time.

Many dentists use nitrous oxide with children because it is a safe way to help a child to feel more comfortable. It is a way to distract the child from focusing on the sounds and feelings that they might experience during treatment. The gas also decreases the gag reflex and can enhance the numbing sensations of a local anesthetic, allowing him to feel more at ease.

Please contact us if you have any questions about nitrous oxide.

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