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Can a Low Carb Diet Improve Your Dental Health?

Posted on 8/25/2015 by Anthony M. DiCesare
A woman on a diet eating a salad.Carbs are an important part of daily life, and while they may not seem to have a large impact on your dental health, they do. Nutrition in every way affects dental health. There are foods that stain your teeth. Foods that help strengthen the dentin and enamel. And foods that can lead to disease and other complications. Carbs in general have a great impact on your dental hygiene, and with the rise of low carb diets, it is important to note these effects. But how is it a low carb diet can affect your diet in a positive way?

Refined carbohydrates are bad enough as it is, according to many opinions around the globe. Bread, sugar, jams, potato products, pastries, they can all be damaging to your teeth. All carbs are essentially sugars that are broken down for energy, and when these mix with common oral bacteria, they create lactic acid. Sucrose, or table sugar, is an especially bad carbohydrate for your teeth. The carbs are absorbed by biofilm and produce damaging acids. High amounts of carbohydrates can lead to caries, or decaying of a tooth or teeth.

A low carb diet cuts back the amount of these sugars you ingest, and pass through your mouth. This can reduce tooth decay and tooth discoloration when accompanied by regular and proper dental hygiene. However, low carb diets have also been said to cause bad breath, known as halitosis. A state of ketosis begins, and a type of ketone can't be used in the body. As a result, it leaves the body in urine, but also is exhaled through the lungs. So while reducing tartar buildup and cavities, there is one (slightly embarrassing) side effect.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages; a low carb diet can greatly improve your overall oral hygiene and cause for less frequent visits to the dentist. If a low carb diet is something interesting to you, note the benefits it can have for your teeth and your smile.

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