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Dealing with a Dental Emergency when Traveling Aboard

Posted on 5/5/2015 by Anthony M. DiCesare

A red sign with white lettering that says 'dental emergency'.Taking a trip of a life time to another country or even if you are traveling for work can be exciting and scary at the same time. There are many factors that you need to take care of before you take your trip and while you are there. The last thing you want to be dealing with is a toothache or dental emergency. Some emergencies are impossible to prevent and will need to be handled while you are there, but there are some that can definitely be prevented before you go.

Have a Dental Checkup First

The first step you should take before leaving is to come in for a checkup and cleaning. During this checkup we can determine if there are any potential issues occurring in your mouth. If we see the signs of tooth decay, an infection, cracked teeth, or other serious dental issues that could become a problem while you are traveling, we will help you rectify those problems before you leave. It would be much worse to wait to fix the problems when you come back as the pain could get severe for any of those issues, requiring you to see a dentist in another country that may or may not adhere to the same standards that we do, putting your oral health at risk.

The Emergency Occurs
If your worst nightmares come true and you fall and crack a tooth, have severe tooth pain, or have any other oral health issues, you need to be prepared. Just searching for a nearby dentist, as you might do here in the United States, is not enough. You do not know who or what you are seeing. Instead, trust the services of the hotel concierge, the American Embassy, or the American Dental Society of Europe (if you are traveling in Europe) to point you in the right direction. As a last resort, you could ask other Americans that are traveling in your area, but you are better off asking someone with authority and that has experience in the area.

Your insurance carrier could be a good source of where you should go and what you should do as well. Check with your insurance carrier before you leave to see if they have resources available should a dental emergency occur. It is always best to be prepared rather than scrambling at the last minute.

What to Watch For
Remember that the standards for dental care in other countries may not be the same as in the United States. You will have to look for things like sanitary tools; the use of gloves; professionals washing their hands; and the quality of the water being used in your mouth. Ask as many questions as you are able and use caution if an office looks dirty or the tools do not look as if they have been sanitized. Your mouth is the gateway to other areas of your body - if you were to contract an infection, your physical health could be in grave danger as a result.

Traveling abroad and experiencing a dental emergency is nothing to take lightly. Before you go, get yourself prepared by visiting us first and making sure to have access to the appropriate resources that can point you in the right direction should an emergency occur. If you visit us first, however, the chance of an emergency (unless you fall or have an accident) is very slim, giving you more opportunity to enjoy your incredible trip across the world.

If you are traveling abroad, please call us today to set up your appointment for a checkup and cleaning!
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